Empowering Youth Through Sports and Talent: M.A.S.O Receives SportPesa's Silver Jiamini Award

July 8, 2024
J Steventon

Miles Art and Sports Organisation (MASO), a community-based organization in Huruma Ward, Eldoret, has been recognized for its exceptional commitment to community development and talent nurturing. The organization has been awarded the prestigious Silver Jiamini Award by SportPesa Kenya's Tujiamini initiative, highlighting the betting company's dedication to sports sponsorship and community support.

MASO, founded in 2020, has been at the forefront of combating social issues through innovative art and sports programs. The organization's founder recognized the urgent need to create positive change and provide a safe, nurturing environment for local youth to develop their talents.

Since its inception, MASO has successfully reformed numerous young people in the community through various activities, with a particular focus on Sports and Art. The Organization's impact became evident when one of its football teams won a local tournament, leading to a surge in youth participation.

MASO's programs now encompass a wide range of sports, including football, basketball, hockey, boxing, and kickboxing. With over 150 children participating in different age groups, the organization has become a beacon of hope for the community's youth, showcasing the power of sports in societal transformation.

The Silver Jiamini Award recognizes MASO's outstanding efforts in community development, youth empowerment, and talent cultivation. This accolade, presented by SportPesa Kenya, acknowledges the organization's significant contribution to creating a conducive environment for young people in Huruma Ward to explore and enhance their sporting abilities.

Despite its success, MASO faces challenges in acquiring necessary equipment and facilities to support its growing programs. The organization Through the Tujiamini sponsorship will obtain sports gear and equipment to enable it to cater to more individuals across multiple sports and continue to nurture talented individuals from the community.

This recognition from SportPesa's Tujiamini initiative is expected to bring more attention to MASO's work and potentially attract additional support to further its mission of nurturing talent and reducing crime and drug abuse in the community through sports.

The Silver Jiamini Award serves as a testament to the power of grassroots organizations in driving positive change and creating brighter futures for Kenya's youth through community-focused sports initiatives.