North Rift Showcases Athletic Talent: Enos Kipruto Claims Final SportPesa Tujiamini Silver Award

July 10, 2024
J D Steventon

In a testament to the enduring spirit of Kenyan athletics, Enos Kipruto has been named the fifth and final recipient of the prestigious Tujiamini Silver Award from the North Rift region. This recognition, sponsored by SportPesa, further cements North Rift's reputation as the ‘Home of Champions’, with talented runners earning accolades across the Gold, Silver, and Bronze categories for the North Rift Region.

Kipruto's journey epitomizes the raw talent and unwavering dedication that define Kenyan sport, especially long distance running. With over eight years of rigorous training under his belt, Enos has transformed from a village boy with big dreams to an international competitor making waves on the global stage.


The Tujiamini Initiative by SportPesa Kenya, aims to identify and nurture exceptional sporting talent across Kenya. Enos Kipruto's selection for the Silver Award highlights not only his impressive achievements but also his potential for future greatness in the world of long-distance running.

Kipruto's career has been marked by steady progress and notable victories. His breakthrough moment came at the Burj2Burj Half Marathon in Dubai, where he clinched first place with a remarkable time of 1:03:28. This performance, against a field of world-class athletes, served as a turning point in his career and caught the attention of talent scouts nationwide.


The runner's personal bests speak volumes about his capabilities: 63:28 for the half marathon, 45:48 for 15km, and an impressive 29minutes for the 10km distance. These times place Kipruto firmly among Kenya's up and coming elite runners, with room for further improvement as he gains access to better training resources and opportunities.


However, Enos's story is not just about athletic prowess; it's a narrative of resilience in the face of adversity. Like many aspiring athletes from humble backgrounds, Kipruto has faced significant financial challenges in pursuing his passion. The costs associated with quality training, equipment, and travel for competitions have often posed obstacles to his progress.


This is where the Tujiamini Silver Award becomes a game-changer. The recognition and support from SportPesa through this award will provide Kipruto with the crucial resources needed to elevate his training and compete at an even higher level. It's a partnership that promises to yield results not just for Enos, but for the entire sporting community he represents.

As the fifth awardee from the North Rift region, Enos Kipruto's success story adds another chapter to the rich athletic heritage of this area. His achievement serves as an inspiration to young talents across Kenya, proving that with talent, determination, support, and the right opportunities, dreams can indeed become reality.


The Tujiamini Awards, backed by SportPesa's commitment to developing local talent, continue to play a vital role in shaping the future of Kenyan grassroots sports.