What is Tujiamini?

Tujiamini is an initiative by leading online gaming firm SportPesa.

The initiative is managed in partnership with DBA Africa, a social enterprise sports development company, renowned for working in multiple sports and talent disciplines across East Africa.

Tujiamini is created to provide essential support to Kenyan athletes, clubs, affiliations, and all those involved in sport all the way from the grassroot level to the world stage.

Without the right support, teams cannot win the tournaments they aspire to, clubs cannot give the fans the spectacle they deserve, sports journalists cannot report to the highest levels and individual athletes are often left to work it out for themselves.

Tujiamini is set up to give necessary support, both big and small, to all those that so desperately need it in sport.

We will reward 87 applicants every month – 80 Bronze nationwide, 5 Silver, 1 Gold and 1 Cheza Dimba regionally. We have established a follow-up program to ensure that prizes are being used to achieve their intended objectives.

Ultimately, we want to see all our successful Tujiamini applicants achieving their dreams.

The Objectives of Tujiamini are to:

• Improve the level of sport in Kenya by giving access to professional equipment, coaching and facilities.

• Provide support for individuals who require assistance and guidance to take their expertise to the next level.

• Give opportunities to those dreaming of competing in sports or areas which fall outside existing funding avenues.

• Strengthen community development through supporting local sports clubs and local initiatives surrounding sport.

• Tackle the decline in sports participation after athletes reach adult age by providing basic support to keep individuals playing sport longer.

• Encourage individuals to have big dreams and give them the support to turn those dreams into reality.

In short, Tujiamini is giving away sporting products or services totaling 3,000,000KSh each month.

Start Your Application Today

Eligible applicants (over 18 years of age) can apply under the 4 categories below.
Please check calendar for your region’s closing date and dont forget to submit a 30 sec-3 min video showing us your talents.

Gold Award  
Win products or service valued up to KSh 500,000.
1 Winner every month - selected regionally

Silver Award  
Win products or service up to KSh 100,000.
5 Winners every month – selected regionally.

Bronze Award
Win KSh 10,000.
80 Winners every month - nationwide

Cheza Dimba Award
Win 3 Year team sponsorship package.
1 Winner every month – selected regionally via a tournament.