Bronze Winner – Vincent Onyangi's journey to the Lacrosse U21 World cup

March 15, 2024

Vincent Onyangi announced as being among the very first to receive the Tujiamini Bronze Award.

Tujiamini, is a talent and sports initiative powered by leading online gaming firm SportPesa. The initiative is

managed in partnership with sports development company DBA Africa, with the overall goal to empower

sportsmen and women, and talented individuals and to enable them to achieve their dreams.

The Jiamini Bronze Award will see 80 applicants rewarded every month with a prize of KSh.10,000.

Vincent Onyangi story is what saw him standout and be named among the first to receive the award.

Vincent made history as the captain of Kenya's first ever men’s lacrosse team, leading his team to the U21

World Cup in Ireland in 2022, a remarkable achievement. However, this accomplishment turned bittersweet

when he broke his arm during the first game of the tournament.

Despite the setback, Onyangi’s talent shone bright on the field, catching the attention of US

scouts. Whispers of not one but two scholarship offers circulated, highlighting his skill and

professionalism. Unfortunately, as a student athlete facing financial challenges, Vincent had to

let these opportunities pass.

Currently holding the only lacrosse scholarship at Daystar University, where he studies Nursing,

Vinnie is committed to growing the sport in Kenya. He launched the first Daystar Lacrosse team,

serving as the captain, star player, coach, and an all-around nice guy. His goal is to inspire more

players to join the game and represent their country in the future.

Dreaming of graduating and moving to the US, he aims to continue his lacrosse journey by

playing in the Professional Lacrosse League while pursuing his passion for Nursing. Beyond the

sports field, Vinnie stands out as a remarkable individual.

In recognition of his skills and journey, Tujiamini awarded Vincent the Bronze prize of 10,000KSh.

Applicants looking to apply should submit an application with a short video showing us there talent here.

You can follow his journey and learn more about the sport of Lacrosse by checking out his

Instagram profile @onyangi_vincent.

Tujiamini Vincent, we will follow your story with interest and hope to see your application for Gold and Silver in the near future.