Shoot for Life Basketball team, Eldoret win Jiamini Gold Award

March 14, 2024

The Shoot 4 Life basketball team was created during the COVID season with a simple goal, to

provide a positive outlet for young people. The idea was to keep them busy and away from the

negative consequences of idleness. This was particularly important as there was a worrying increase in

teen pregnancies in Eldoret, with 5,000 reported cases during that period.

The team was not just about playing basketball; it aimed to be a lifeline for the youth in Eldoret and the

entire North Rift region. Shoot 4 Life has always been committed to investing in the community, offering

hope and purpose to young people. Eldoret is home to many basketball players in the Kenyan league,

but they usually must move to Nairobi or Mombasa for better basketball opportunities. The launch of

Shoot 4 Life changed this by giving local talent, a chance to develop their skills and pursue their dreams

on the court without having to relocate.

After starting in the Division 2 Basketball League, the team’s performance was impressive, reaching the

finals and moving up to the First Division. Currently, the team comprises 25 young men from the North

Rift region, with players from Eldoret, Kapsabet, Iten, and Kitale.

However, the team faces challenges, especially with major games held in Nairobi and Mombasa.

Traveling to these cities incurs significant costs for transport, accommodation, and food. Lack of

funds sometimes force them to travel without their best players, leading to forfeited games and

automatic point reductions.

To address these challenges, Tujiamini has stepped in, handling logistics and allowing the team to focus

on developing their players’ skills. With these obstacles removed, there’s confidence that Shoot 4 Life

has what it takes to advance to the Kenyan Premier League and even represent Kenya in the Basketball

African League in the future.

Tujiamini will award its next Jiamini award recipients from Central region in April. If you as an individual, team or club want to apply simply submit an application with a video showcasing your talent.