Tujiamini by SportPesa is more than just a sports and talent initiative.

April 16, 2024

Reading through 1000s of applications, there’s always those few that stand out from the crowd, those game changers, freakish talents, and in some cases, life savers. Esther Opana was one of those. 37-year-old women from Nairobi, who has been suffering due to gaining weight after the birth of her child.

After enduring several hardships including relationship struggles with friends and family along with witnessing family fatalities due to health-related diseases, Esther's confidence had taken a massive hit. However, facing these challenges head on Esther is now on a mission to turn her life around and has set herself the goal of reaching a healthy weight.

Setting goals and dreams is what Tujiamini is all about, Esther was eager to change her life for the better but needed that kick start to show her the path towards achieving her goal.  When she read about Tujiamini, she knew that winning the Bronze Award would be that motivation she needed to take that first step to a healthier life.  

Recording her application video, she made sure to put forward her determination, showing that even with all the challenges, she was willing to make the sacrifices and commitment, if only she could have a little help from Tujiamini and SportPesa.

A new pair of trainers and exercise wear would be all that she needed to start her journey, a journey to a better lifestyle for her and her child.

We hope this is the start of a long but glamourous story, where a small reward helps grow into a bigger story, with a happier healthier Esther at the end.

We look forward to following Esther’s story and quite literally, be with her every step of the way. Tujimiani!

Do you need a small reward that will help you to achieve your goal, Tujiamini rewards 80 Bronze winners nationwide each and every month with KSh10,000. Submit an application telling us your goals and how Tujiamini can help you to achieve it.