Tujiamini: SportPesa Kenya Grassroots Initiative Supporting Kenyan Athletes

May 6, 2024
J D Steventon

·        Tujiamini by SportPesa aims to uplift and empower Kenyans most talented.

·        The initiative gives applicants the opportunity to win goods and services valued up to KSh 3,000,000 each month.

·        The campaign will reward applicants based on a regional calendar.


For athletes, clubs and organizations involved in sports at all levels across Kenya, accessing vital resources, funding and finding crucial sponsorship is an ongoing challenge that many teams, clubs and individuals face.


The initiative called Tujiamini, launched by leading online gaming company SportPesa, aims to provide essential support from the grassroots up to the national level.

Tujiamini, which means "self-belief" in Kiswahili, is managed in partnership with DBA Africa, a social enterprise with extensive experience in sports development programs throughout East Africa. The initiative is designed to assist Kenyan athletes, clubs, federations, and those working in sports-related fields such as journalism, physiotherapy and even entertainment.


"Without the right support, teams can not win tournaments, clubs cannot give fans a great experience, sports reporters can not cover events comprehensively, and individual athletes often struggle on their own, says the Tujiamini website. Storm Trentham of DBA Africa and Tujiamini is adamant that Tujiamini is here to provide that vital assistance, both large and small, that the sports and talent community desperately needs."


The core of the Tujiamini program is a monthly rewards system with 87 beneficiaries across four categories:


- Gold Award: 1 regional winner receiving products/services up to KSh 500,000

- Silver Award: 5 regional winners up to KSh 100,000  

- Bronze Award: 80 nationwide winners of KSh 10,000 each

- Cheza Dimba Award: 1 regional team sponsorship package for 3 years


To apply, individuals over 18 must submit an application along with a short video highlighting their talents in the sports realm, along with other required materials. A follow-up program monitors how the awards are utilized to ensure they achieve the intended objectives.


"Ultimately, we want to see all our Tujiamini winners achieving their dreams, whether that's an athlete reaching the top levels, a club upgrading facilities, or a journalist being able to cover major events," said Storm Trentham of DBA Africa.


With KSh 11 million in rewards distributed monthly, the Tujiamini initiative by SportPesa has the potential to provide a major boost for sports development at all levels across Kenya. Applicants are encouraged to visit the website for regional deadlines and full program details.